In July 2017, Groupe Chevrillon took control of Alkan, in association with IDI. Founded in 1923, Alkan is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of airborne carriage and ejection systems for military and civil aeronautics. Alkan is an OEM recognized for the reliability of its critical equipment and its strong innovation capacity. In addition, the company has a substantial visibility on its activity thanks to its presence on the main French and European military programs and the need for maintenance of the current fleet of aircraft. The objective of the management and the shareholders is to pursue the internationalization of Alkan by opening structures in markets with high potential or by external growth.
In 2018, Alkan acquired Seca Automatismes, a company specialized in civilian and military electronics and electromechanics.
In 2021, Alkan is sold to Groupe Rafaut, a company owned by HLD.

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Founding date: 1923
Location: Valenton
Investment date: 2017