About us

Groupe Chevrillon has been investing in growth companies for 30 years

Groupe Chevrillon invests in service or industrial companies, new or existing, and aims at turning them into market leaders

Groupe Chevrillon is equally owned by the Chevrillon family and the Besançon-Trébouta family (founders of Laboratoires Delagrange, now a part of the French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi group of which the family is now a shareholder)

Cyrille Chevrillon


Cyrille Chevrillon creates the Group in 1992

In the recent years, Groupe Chevrillon has contributed to the development of more than 10 companies, among which:

Turning Albingia into a robust insurance company

We contributed to Albingia’s (a small insurance company, previously part of AXA) growth into an independent business specializing in industrial risks with an unparalleled financial health (net result at 60 million euros)

Positioning Dugas as the French leader of rum specialized distribution

We led the transformation of Dugas, a spirit distributor, into the undisputed leader of specialty rums. Its revenue doubled between  2013 and 2017

Trois Rivieres - Old Caribbean - web
Premiumizing BBS Group's rum brands

We supported the premiumization of BBS Group’s brands (notably, “Trois Rivières”), which resulted in a 50% revenue increase between 2014 and 2019

Groupe Chevrillon has €500 million in equity, mostly coming from the value created by our previous investments

Groupe Chevrillon invests in growth companies with strong fundamentals. We work alongside the management teams to make their entrepreneurial vision happen

Our capital structure gives us flexibility and reactivity

We generally seek to invest between

30 and 100 million euros in equity

by transaction, but we can also be interested in smaller projects when we have a crush

We support companies with revenue between

10 and 250 million euros

We usually partner for

3 to 7 years

but we can stay longer, depending on the management’s preferences

We are interested in

every industry

We can be a

majority of minority investor

We invest

with or without

financial leverage

We are dedicated to the companies we invest in, both at strategic and operational levels (if needed): our DNA is to develop companies

We are a toolbox serving the management team, bringing them technical, marketing, commercial and financing skills, while leaving the leadership of the operations to the management team

Most of our associates have corporate operational experience.  We understand the challenges faced by the managers who run the show

We often support the managers with their main hires, when a facility transfer is needed, with external growths operations (even small ones), when searching for funding, with creating commercial partnerships, with designing joint-ventures, etc.

We have a very short decision-making process. We are very responsive

We understand the need to give time more time, which we can actually do: without external LPs, we set our own agenda

Lastly, our family culture is reflected in the benevolence and accessibility of our teams

It is of our duty to share our success and support the values we believe in. We partner with projects that make us proud

Dragon 8

In 2008, Cyrille Chevrillon and Nicolas Trébouta created the production company Dragon 8, which produces or co-produces feature films, documentaries, plays and music recordings.

In 2012 , Dragon 8 co-produced with the Théâtre du Lucernaire and the Compagnie Laurent Terzieff “Le Regard de Laurent Terzieff,” a DVD with three film and audiovisual testimonies about the work of Laurent Terzieff. Along with the company Les Films du Lendemain, Dragon 8 co-produced in 2008 the movie “Les Regrets” directed by Cédric Khan, and in 2011 “La Dernière Séance,” directed by Laurent Achard and staring Sylvie Pialat.

As for theater, Dragon 8 participated with Laurent Terzieff in 2005 to the production of “Cet Animal Etrange” by Gabriel Arout, directed by Marie Sauvanoix at the Lucernaire theater. In 2011, Dragon 8 contributed to the production of “Si, et autres pièces courtes” by Eugene Ionesco, directed by Emilie Chevrillon and Coralie Handle at the Théâtre des Déchargeurs. Dragon 8 also produced several classical music CDs, especially with the pianist Chantal Stigliani.

In 2017, Dragon 8 co-produced « La Putain du Dessus » at La Huchette theater, a play written by Antonis Tsipianitis, directed by Christophe Bourseiller, and performed by Emilie Chevrillon.

Dans le théâtre, Dragon 8 a participé en 2005 avec Laurent Terzieff à la production de «Cet Animal Etrange» de Gabriel Arout, mise en scène de Marie Sauvaneix, au théâtre du Lucernaire, et en 2011, à la production de « SI » de Eugène Ionesco, mise en scène d’Emilie Chevrillon et Coralie Maniez au théâtre des Déchargeurs. Dragon 8 a également produit plusieurs CD de musique classique, notamment avec la pianiste Chantal Stigliani.

En 2017, Dragon 8 coproduit « La Putain du Dessus » au théâtre de la Huchette, une pièce d’Antonis Tsipianitis, mise en scène par Christophe Bourseiller, et interprétée par Emilie Chevrillon.

Dragon 8
conservatoire paris
National Superior Conservatory of Paris for Music and Dance

The National Superior Conservatory of Paris for Music and Dance’s main mission is to provide a highly specialized education and first-class vocational training in the fields of music, dance and new technologies. The Chevrillon Group financially supports master classes at the Conservatory of Music.

For more information, we invite you to explore the website: www.conservatoiredeparis.fr

HEC Paris

Himself an HEC Paris graduate, Cyrille Chevrillon teaches finance and strategy as an affiliate teacher, at his alma mater. Founded in 1881, HEC Paris is regularly ranked #1 Business School in Europe in international rankings. HEC gathers 115 permanent professors, more than 4,000 students and nearly 8,500 managers and executives in vocational training each year.

For more information, please visit the university’s website: www.hec.fr