Our philosophy


Medium- to long-term vision, understanding of the fundamental issues of companies

The Groupe Chevrillon, per its seniority in the investment business and its family roots, emphasizes the medium- to long-term vision. It wants to understand the needs and fundamental issues of the industries in which it takes positions. It focuses primarily on companies whose decision-making center is in France, but whose activities may develop on a global scale – if they have not already.

We act in coordination with the existing management with the aim of transforming the company, enabling it to survive difficult economic cycles, as well as providing it with a strategy and vision for the medium- to long-term. As such, we ensure that it follows a profitable path, non-destructive to jobs and largely focused on international markets.

The management of the companies in which we invest find that the Groupe Chevrillon possesses a deep understanding of their project as well as proven industrial, financial and logistics skills.