Our investment criteria


Unlocking the true potential of businesses by letting time take its course

The Groupe Chevrillon focuses on strong macroeconomic, societal and technological trends that could lead to significant changes in consumer behavior, industrial logic, economic cycles, and in the conditions of market approach. This preliminary work allows us to identify companies and management teams in line with these trends and who intend to play a leading role.

The Groupe Chevrillon never intervenes in a fashion that would be hostile to management in place, but instead works with it in a spirit of trust and transparency in order to elaborate a transformation and development project.

The Groupe Chevrillon is an active investor, holding in most cases a majority stake of the capital and chairing the board of directors or the supervisory board. However, it always leaves the leadership of operations to the management team.

The group also understands the need to let time take its course, and is not subject to any time-related pressure to sell its holdings. Some companies are still in the group’s portfolio after more than ten years...