Significant successes in all sectors of industry and services


Location: 7 countries
Employees: 3,000
Date of equity investment: 2000

After an analysis of resilient markets conducted with the Cofremca, the Groupe Chevrillon identified the black and white book printing industry as a market whose growth has been stable for the past 50 years, without a significant instability. This was an area in which it seemed possible to establish a build up strategy focusing on on manufacturing expertise. Partnering with the Besançon family, the Groupe Chevrillon seized control of Bussière in 1996, a printing company realizing 12 million euros in sales with a vast array of modern machinery. From this, the Groupe Chevrillon built the European group CPI by acquiring 22 printing companies, turning it into the world’s largest book printing group. At its peak, CPI reached sales of 600 million euros and with an EBITDA of nearly 60 million euros. Once this development phase reached its term, the Groupe Chevrillon sold its shares in 2005 to the investment funds CVC and Cognetas.